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Naming this baby- T&D

Our journey began with a simple phone call in early 2016. My best friends, Aakanksha and Gaurav, and I, were nostalgic about our architecture college days.The excitement in our voices was contagious as we reminisced about our shared dreams of working together someday.

During that memorable call, we playfully tossed around wild and quirky name ideas for our dream architectural firm. Laughter filled the air as we unleashed our creativity, each suggestion more outrageous than the last. The ideas started flying – some quirky, some downright hilarious.

"I have an idea!" I exclaimed, interrupting the playful banter. "Let's find a name that's not only catchy but also a tongue twister, like those famous brands we adore- D&G, Jack n Jones."

"And how about incorporating our love for stories, the very essence of what brings us together as architects?" Aakanksha added

Our shared passion for stories from our architecture days became the keyword, and we knew it had to be incorporated into the name.

In that instant, a light bulb seemed to illuminate the call, as if the universe had conspired to bring us the perfect name. "Tales and Details!" I blurted out. "It's memorable, unique, and it captures the heart of what we're all about - weaving enchanting narratives through every architectural masterpiece!"

The enthusiasm in their voices was infectious, and just like that, the three of us knew we had struck gold. "Tales & Details it is!" Akanksha and Gaurav chimed in unison, their excitement matching my own.

Fate, however, had other plans. While we all carved out our individual paths, the dream of Tales & Details never left me. So, two years later, when I ventured into my own architectural practice, there was no doubt what it would be called. Tales & Details Studio.

Tales & Details Studio became the living embodiment of a cherished memory and a tribute to our shared dreams. The essence of our friendship and love for architecture translated into every project we undertook. From cozy cafes to sprawling villas, each space told a unique story, a testament to the vibrant spirit of Tales & Details.

So here we are, creating magic in each space. Every project, a new story. Every detail, a piece of the puzzle. Tales & Details Studio - where walls whisper tales, and every corner brims with life. A testament to friendship, creativity, and the joy of unexpected beginnings.

Author : Ar. Krunal Kawale

Featuring : Ar Aakanksha Jain, Ar. Gaurav Agrawal

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