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Tales & Details is an exquisite Mumbai, Nagpur (MH, India) and London, UK based Architecture and Interior Design firm that embraces artistic vision and infuses creativity into every project we undertake. Our journey in the world of design has been organic, stemming from a profound passion for creating captivating spaces.

Founded in 2018, T & D has flourished under the leadership of Ar Krunal Kawale who has always been deeply connected to the world of design. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a love for artful orchestration of scale and texture, our founder has been the driving force behind the success of our company.

At T & D, we take pride in our boutique-sized team of design associates and technicians, each dedicated to crafting unique and bespoke experiences for our clients. Our primary focus lies in creating exceptional hotels, restaurants, and residential projects that break away from predictability and embrace the extraordinary.

We believe in the power of glamour and draw inspiration from both classical and contemporary references, seamlessly weaving them into new and original contexts. Our projects are tightly edited, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully curated to evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

With a commitment to bringing our clients' visions to life, we approach each project with passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication. Tales & Details is not just a company; it is a canvas on which we paint dreams and transform spaces into works of art.




Krunal Kawale, an artistic soul with an insatiable passion for storytelling. With a Bachelors degree in Architecture from MIET, Nagpur University, he delved into captivating worlds of set design, graphic design, and art direction for esteemed magazines and films. He pursued filmmaking studies at the prestigious New York Film Academy, USA. Additionally, Krunal earned creative business Masters from the University of Exeter and honed his expertise in International Film Business at the London Film School, UK.

As the visionary founder of Tales & Details, Krunal infuses bespoke creativity into hospitality, commercial and residential projects spanning pan India. Simultaneously, he co-owns Alchemy Events, orchestrating joyful and vibrant weddings, seamlessly blending art with festivity. Driven by profound literature and wondrous journeys, Krunal's artistic voyage remains an ever-evolving masterpiece as he passionately explores new canvases.

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Gaurav, an architect and entrepreneur, firmly believes in ‘Network is Networth’. With a degree in Architecture from MIET, Nagpur University, he upholds the family legacy by running Shyam Traders—a thriving building material and sanitary ware business across Vidarbha, Maharashtra, India.

Within Tales & Details Studio, Gaurav stands as a strong pillar, serving as an advisory member for business development and taking charge of organization management. His multifaceted expertise and dedication contribute significantly to the studio's success.

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Anuja graduated in Architecture from SMMCA Nagpur in 2019. She furthered her expertise by obtaining certifications in vastu shastra and landscape designing. Joining T&D as a Project Lead Architect in February 2022, she now handles multiple projects and actively contributes to our creative team.

Her experience spans commercial, residential, and hospitality projects. Beyond work, Anuja embraces her passion for exploring diverse cultures through travel. She also keeps herself updated with the latest trends and developments in media and fashion.Open to new opportunities and experiences, Anuja is ever-ready to embrace the exciting journey of growth and discovery.

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Nidhi completed her Architecture graduation from SMMCA Nagpur in 2021. She underwent her internship at T&D in 2020, right after her graduation she rejoined T&D, this time as a Junior Architect, handling and working on a plethora of different projects, including hotels, offices, homes and more.


Stronger assets of Nidhi included, efficient management, communication skills, designing skills and an aesthetic eye. Her interest list’s, reading, graphic designing and exploring different genres of podcasts and movies.She is a quick one welcome new company and experiences. Currently she is moving towards her masters in Design Innovation and Management in the UK.




As a fourth-year architecture student scheduled to graduate in 2025, Sakshi’s passion for design propels her to captivate attention by infusing creativity into anything she aspires to do.


Exploring innovative ideas with a creative mindset exhilarates her, and she thrive when given the opportunity to command attention, whether it's presenting her work in a studio setting or on site. She has an immense love for design which brings her to join team T&D.

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